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Businesses looking to establish a presence on Facebook are in a vulnerable position. They must rely upon office staff, temps and overwhelmed co-workers to meet their Facebook design and fan engagement needs. However, when staff are too busy with other matters, there is little value to your Facebook page.

SEO Slammer stands up for you and your buyers online who have been ignored when asking questions about your business, offering feedback, while having no direction to visit and buy online at your website. Contact Facebook SEO Slammer to learn how I can help.

Strong Support for Facebook Design and Fan Engagement
If your business is missing out on the phenomenal Facebook potential to drive users to your website, I can help. Your Facebook should be well designed and taken care of. SEO Slammer brings creative, engaging design and content to hold fans interested and talking about your business such as:

• Powerful cover and profile image
• Strong call to action
• Video and product or service photos
• Like gates and special offers
• Website portal and strategic link placement
• Fan engagement and community involvement

No matter what, it is important to remember that Facebook generates social popularity with your brand and business. Yet due to the overworked and inadequate training of your staff, your social media can fall victim to neglect leading to a loss of control of an important sales asset. However, with a dedicated Facebook SEO, there is something you can do.

Get the SEO Advice You Need
Facebook demands thorough preparation, organization and a comprehensive understanding of social media. Contact San Francisco SEO Slammer online or by phone to schedule a free 30 min consultation to find out how my experience will help you.

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