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Some SEOs shy away from meta tags. I don’t. A well written and compelling meta description can lead to clickthroughs. A good SEO pays attention to sales conversions, not just high ranking on trophy keyword phrases. You can count on SEO Slammer for attention to detail to provide you with effective meta tags to get full visibility with search engine optimization. As your meta tags SEO I have obtained many substantial results for SEO clients who lost search engine ranking and sales.

Thorough Investigation Is the Key to My Success
SEO Slammer handles all types of meta tags including:

• Top Keywords
• Page titles
• Descriptions for pages
Top keywords
• Robots text file
• Site verification

San Francisco SEO Slammer prepares every meta tag as if it really matters – and often it does. To prevail in organic search visibility, we must have good content with the right meta tags. SEO Slammer visits your website to harvest existing descriptions and enhances them making them search engine friendly. To further protect search ranking, your website title and description can be submitted to the Open Directory Project so you’re still visible in the event of a website issue.

Getting Clients The Visibility They Deserve
As a SEO, I’m familiar with typical loss of visibility, including poor content, ineffective website architecture, and irrelevant keywords along with weak or non-existent meta tags. I counsel clients to be patient in organic search optimization, as it is a complex online ecosystem. I never take a quick yet ineffective approach – I seek full comprehensive and long lasting results to meet the current and future needs of my clients.

Achieving superior organic search results depends on the severity of how search engine unfriendly your online presence is. I seek no less than to provide top keywords and meta tags as well as search engine submission and web analytics, promotional video and YouTube channel, and Facebook page and strategic maintenance.

Contact the San Francisco SEO at SEO Slammer if you have suffered a loss of online visibility or wish to improve your search engine optimization. I offer a free 30 min consultation, including evenings and weekends by appointment. If your schedule prevents travel, I can come to you.

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