My History of Socially Responsible Search Engine
Optimization and Sustainable Online Visibility

At the SEO Slammer office in Berkeley, San Francisco Bay Area, as a SEO I’m committed
to maximizing search engine ranking and online visibility recoveries, clickthroughs and conversions for my clients when results matter.

In issues of top keywords, promotional video, meta tags, and other SEO matters, I work hard for my clients and I put experience behind every project. I am known for taking SEO as far as necessary to reach my clients goals. I will never shy away from the possibility of fighting for your rights in the organic search engine ecosystem.

I employ White Hat (ethical) SEO, yet I will not be bullied by search engines, fanciful website designers and content writers or by web portals such as YouTube and Facebook which are notorious for randomly applied and paradoxical terms of service that try to limit visibility.

When results matter, make sure you have a determined benefit corporation SEO on your side.

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Recent SEO Results

Dharma Merchant Services
Google Search merchant services
Jeff Marcous - Dharma Merchant Services - SEO Slammer

“This is awesome Kirk! Thank you so very much for your good efforts.”
Jeff Marcous – Chief Evolutionary Officer – Dharma Merchant Services


• Twirl Management
Google Search sustainable event planner sf

Bay Area Medical Academy
Google Search medical assistant program sf

Brush with Bamboo
Google Search eco-friendly toothbrush
Rohit ‘Ro’ Kumar - Brush with Bamboo - SEO Slammer

“I do notice that we are now #1 for eco-friendly toothbrush. You did something!” 
Rohit ‘Ro’ Kumar – Founder – Brush with Bamboo


Google Search science camp berkeley
Ryan Nurmela QuantumCamp SEO Slammer

“When I need SEO services you’re the one I reach out to. Thanks for your help!”
Ryan Nurmela – Co-founder – QuantumCamp


Google Search lifestyle management nyc
Brooke Stone Gyst SEO Slammer

“Kirk – our clients couldn’t have found us without your work. Thanks!” 
Brooke Stone – Founder – GYST


Contact the San Francisco Bay Area, California online visibility SEO of the SEO Slammer office today for a free 30 min consultation about your search engine optimization issue. I can meet clients evenings, weekends, whenever, including visiting your office if you cannot travel.

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