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At the SEO Slammer office I am committed to providing outstanding client service and uncommon results for seriously low search ranked businesses committed to sustainability and social responsibility in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and across the Golden State.

SEO Slammer offers SEO service experience and a proven record of success in acquiring positive search ranking, clickthrough and conversion for businesses. My desired outcome as your SEO is to offer you the level of personal service that is the hallmark of a small company while pursuing the search engine ranking that you need.

Kirk Grissom – B Corp SEO Slammer
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Location: San Francisco Bay Area – USA
Phone: 510-542-9976
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Areas of Service

• Strategic Maintenance
• On Page SEO
• Keyword Performance Assessment
• Website Verification
• Facebook Cover and Profile Picture
• Professional YouTube Design
• Facebook Page Design
• Sitemap Submission
• Top Keyword Discovery
• Meta Tags
• YouTube Uploads and Titling
• Web Analytics
• Meta Tag Page Title
• Website Priority Indexing
• HD Promotional Video
• Meta Tag Page Description
• Strong Call to Action Video
• YouTube Channel
• Search Engine Submission

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